The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule Marble, encircled by a band bearing the description, “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You” was created by Jesse Shwander in 1910.  It is a symbol of the philosophy upon which he founded the Samsonite Corporation.

In 1963, the founder of what is now known as Valmark Financial Group, was given the Golden Rule Marble by his mentor.  It has been the guiding principle of Valmark Financial Group for almost 60 years.

Valmark’s CEO, Larry J. Rybka, gave me this marble when I became a member firm in 2013.  It represents the guiding principles within our firm and all of our peer firms for:

    • Serving as a professional advisor whose client relationships are built on trust and mutual respect
    • Addressing the financial needs of our clients with innovative, collaborative solutions
    • Protecting our clients’ best interests at all times

Watch this short video to learn how Good Financial Group brings the Golden Rule to Life in all that we do.